sitdownshutup (sitdownshutup) wrote in postcollegekida,

This is terrible...

...but true. This is the way I've felt for a long time, and I think I need to stop. I've been viewing my life like a video game, with levels to be mastered and moved beyond. So I've conquered the education level of my life (until I go to grad. school, but I have a few more years before starting that challenge) and am working on the first few years with a real job level of my life. Objectives include: gaining control of my finances, becoming a responsible drinker, developing a healthy diet/exercise plan that I can live with for the rest of my life, figuring out WHAT TO DO with myself during my free time, building an impressive resume/portfolio, finding a good partner to move on to the NEXT LEVEL (marriage) with... This is f-ed up, right? I should be enjoying this time that I am single, living by myself in a nice apartment with a nice car and a gym membership and no one to tell me what to do or any dirty diapers to clean up... this might be like when I longed to be out of college, with no more studying to do, classes to take... but now what do I do? Miss those good ol' days of drinking on Tuesday nights. I need to chill out, and as drphungus says, enjoy the small things. This is life, and I'm enjoying my last few months of being 24. I will have plenty of time to argue with a husband about how much I spent on groceries/why I didn't do the dishes, function on no sleep because of a teething baby. I need to CHILL OUT. Phew. Okay. Now to grade papers/deal with psycho girls/help shower a handicapped 16 year old boy/run 5 miles/block act 1 of DoAF/type cover letters for 3 more DM schools. What is wrong with me? I'm hyperventilating!
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