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I hope somebody can help me, as I am new to this process...
What is the purpose of a third interview? I just got called for a third interview for a job I really want. The first interview consisted of an HR panel, and the second was with directors and was followed by a short test. The HR woman I spoke with was not very revealing about what I should expect and I was hoping you all might have some ideas. I do know that I am supposed to report to the floor on which I would be working if they hired me, while the other times I went to a different part of the building entirely. I talked to the director of the department a few weeks ago, and she told me they would be making decisions within a couple of days. Well, it has been a few weeks, and I am pretty confused and anxious about what this next interview is all about! Any advice/explanations would help. Anybody else have experience with third interviews? Did you get the job?
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