red (maggieliz08) wrote in postcollegekida,

living back home

is anyone else in here living with their parents after graduation? i moved home last spring and i'm so ready to move out, i'm about to start crawling the walls. i'm just waiting on a friend to be ready to move out - two of my friends also want to move out and get a place with me in chicago (i live in the suburbs and went to school in chicago). anyway, it's not that my parents are hard to live with - for parents, they're great. it's just that their my parents. i know i'm lucky to have the option to live (almost) rent free for over a year, but i'm just so ready to get out of here. i work downtown and every day it saddens me that i have to take the train back out to the suburbs.

ok, i'm done whining. is anyone else in the same boat?
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